Mast Mount for GoPro Hero

- is like having a personal helicopter!

I find video very helpful in diagnosing my transitions and trick attempts. How often when you fall in the water you cannot really remember what you did that lead you to the splash?

Front camera attachment point:

The benefit of mast-mounted camera is that it is always with you, always looking at you. Just turn it on it the beginning of your windsurfing session and then scrub through the footage later.

I am using mast-mounted windsurfing cameras for a long time. Unfortunately, my usual approach to mast cameras requires a lot of DIY and I could not really share it with my friends. After my buddy’s Aaron’s article I realized that mast mount solution is within reach of people who don’t care about Dremel tools or attachments.

Made of very tough and springy nylon, the mount securely envelops your mast while avoiding point-loads so dangerous to carbon fiber. Rounded clamp edges are easy on the luff of your sail.

The mount offers 3 mounting options for your GoPro Hero camera: one on either side and one in front. Side mounts are angled to point directly at your sailing position – see picture below.

Port side camera attachment point:

Best mounting location is by second batten from the top (a bit closer to the tip for standard diameter masts, although the clamps bend a bit to accommodate slightly larger diameters).

The mount weighs very little, you won’t feel its weight on your mast.

First put the clamp in place and put the screw all the way through using a screwdriver:


Insert mount into clamp, attach wingnut, and, while holding the wingnut, tighten the screw:


(Tightening the wingnut while holding the screw is not recommended as it will be grinding channel in the clamp.)

Running a line from camera to the tip of the mast is always recommended.

Order the mount here.

Dealers please contact MastHero for volume pricing.


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  1. James Mazzanti says:

    Great job! I’m placing my order today. Can’t wait to try it out.

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